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Authentic "Sicilian-style" premium pizza and calzone
295 Daniel Webster Highway (Sun Plaza), Nashua, NH 03060

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Currently Ranked #1 on Yelp for pizza and #1 overall in Nashua on TripAdvisor
Call us at 603-589-9573 to place a take out order or to tell us you're on your way.

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Comfort food. Simple.

We are taking it back to basics with fresh, top quality, homemade products that will leave you feeling like you're back in your Nonna's kitchen. As my Nonna, Maria, used to say "mantenere le cose semplici!" Keep it simple. We look forward to sharing our version of fresh homemade Sicilian style pizza and calzone with you.


I make premium pizza with only the highest quality, fresh cooked ingredients and toppings. Everyone says that but I really mean it. This is definitely not your "Papa's" pizza (Gino, John or any other Papa ☺)

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Pizzeria Maria

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Our customers are loyal, vocal, know good food and are extremely literate.

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